Our values

Mental wellness is a right from which no one should feel excluded; the burden of mental illness should never be fought alone.

We are working to break the stigma that prevents millions from living freely, one barrier at a time. We expect to see the world where every human gets to lead a secure, autonomous life and is treated as a rightful member of society.

For that to happen, a large-scale transition towards prioritizing mental wellness is needed. Many of society’s existential challenges (climate change, racial injustice, poverty, etc.) can be better addressed once everyone is more mentally well.

But solving mental illness pandemic can only be achieved when we work together – that’s why broad collaboration and transparency is key. To facilitate that, we are open-sourcing our financial, impact, and organizational health maximization tools and frameworks. 

Embracing our vulnerabilities propels us forward, rather than holding us back – our commitment to a diversity of life experiences makes us fundamentally stronger. By focusing on the human first, we can find common ground more quickly and empower each other. 

We’ve embarked upon this quest with the full realization that it will be extremely difficult, a challenge we relentlessly accept. 

The Masawa Minute

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