Gabija Vilkaitė

Communications Coordinator

Gabija works on Masawa’s day-to-day communications – social media posts, emails – as well as the general direction Masawa’s story is taking. She believes our society and the systems as we know them are on the verge of change and hopes to be part of the shift towards a more sustainable, just, progressive world. She also thinks mental wellness is a core part of being able to address the prevailing societal challenges effectively, but also a system that must undergo a change within itself. This vision guides her work at Masawa as she works towards transforming global mental wellness to make it accessible and accepted.

She has completed a Business & Economics degree with a focus on marketing in Stockholm School of Economics (but in Riga). Over the years spent there, she learned to combine creativity with analytics and developed an understanding of marketing, entrepreneurship, and investing. In addition to that, she gained practical experience in these fields through internships and volunteering projects in start-ups, agencies and NGOs. Since then she has moved to Marseille, France, and worked as a freelancer helping several companies in a variety of fields by creating (as well as curating) content + executing marketing and communications strategy.

Her mental happy place involves a lot of light, open space, and quiet music.




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