Joshua Haynes

Founder & Managing Partner

Startup founder, software developer, data junkie, diplomat, all focused on rebalancing power in order to collectively ignite prosperity.

At Masawa Joshua focuses on the big vision. He believes that investing in mental wellness, focusing on maximizing positive social impact, and founders’ mental health, and supporting their resilient organizations makes sense for society and for business. After the society is more mentally well by focusing on the internal first, it can overcome the seemingly intractable problems like climate change, poverty, and injustice.

Prior to Masawa, he spent 20 years leading and curating at the nexus of innovation, technology, and social impact. At various points of his colorful career he was a Peace Corps Volunteer, data analyst, software developer, consultant, digital product and service designer. He also worked as a diplomat in the Obama Administration (USAID), managed $190M in impact grant funding for the US & Swedish Govs, pioneered new impact partnership types and ways of working.

Joshua holds degrees from Boston University (Finance); The Fletcher School, Tufts University (MBA). He worked in 35 countries, speaks 7 languages well (pretends in many more), and lives in Berlin with husband and two children.


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