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This is the Masawa Minute, a snippet of what we’re consuming in the areas of mental wellness, social impact, and impact investing. 


1. 🍄👩‍⚕️ The psychedelics are coming!!

Psychedelics are coming!! Science has proven the efficacy of using substances like psilocybin (magic mushrooms), LSD, MDMA to relieve/reset depression, PTSD, addiction, and more. More jurisdictions are talking about decriminalization and legalization, and so, naturally, the wave of innovators, investors, and vultures is on its way! This long-form article in Fortune gives a nice overview of the complexity and sides to these powerful substances.

Business gets ready to trip: How psychedelic drugs may revolutionize mental health care


2. 💕👀 Cute Startups!

No cute animals this week, we’re still hooked on the pangolins from last week.  But our friends over at Venture Leap put together this great landscape analysis of the (digital) Mental Health StartUp Landscape in the EU and found 101 active companies — enjoy! [thanks, Philipp!]

Fighting the Mental Health Crisis – 2020 StartUp Landscape


3. ☎️🗣️  Telemental!

Telemental health services are increasing in the US, according to this report summary, and will help overflowing emergency departments better cope. The telemental health industry market size is supposed to be $774 million (yikes!) in the US alone in 2021. And it’s not quite clear how these additional services will fit into reimbursement policies. Our question is the efficacy of such systems by treatment area. Yes, human connection is best, but how much is lost via the digital connection, if at all?

TELEMENTAL HEALTH REPORT: How telehealth can help US hospitals and health systems manage the $238 billion mental health crisis


4. 😒🔥 Founder burnout is real.

This op-ed shows how one Canadian entrepreneur completely crashed and burned in a system that only wanted her to be the ever-heroine and exemplary human. Erin Blaskie was able to get the assistance she needed, but only after acknowledging her vulnerabilities. In a perverse way, start-up burnout is becoming seen as a badge of honor, but the effects are real. We saw a study that said founders are twice as likely to have issues with depression. Yikes.


Op-ed: Entrepreneurship nearly killed me. Why it’s time for us to do something about founder burnout


5. 🏢☮️ CSR: friend or foe?

Alison Taylor of NYU’s Stern School of Business writes in this article that the CSR veneer is fading — finally. Big companies with big claims of desired social impact and intense lobbying efforts for the opposite need to be held accountable, like Coca-Cola, Facebook, and UBS, which are called out. The article also mentions ‘impact-washing’ of ESG impact investments that companies are jumping into. We suspect that regulators will soon weigh in on this point, which is very welcomed!  

The corporate responsibility facade is finally starting to crumble


6. ✨Masawa Update 

We successfully completed formation, an incubator for traditionally marginalized startup, run in Berlin by Porsche Digital and APX. It was great to walk in the shoes of and think like a startup because Masawa is also technically a start-up. 


7. 🕯️✌️ In Closing 

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