Masawa is the world’s first mental wellness impact fund.

We partner with founders igniting mental wellness through ambitious products in proven areas like nutrition, natural medicine, mindfulness, technology, and workplace wellness, so that billions live life.

We nurture capital through a focus on profitability, impact maximization, and founder resilience + organizational health, which leads to higher-than-average financial returns + exponential social impact.

Mental illness is the silent pandemic. Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, eating disorders, addiction, and other mental illnesses are finding their way into our minds and will do anything to stay there. These pre-COVID-19 stats are striking.

#1 Stat Bubble

Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

16T Stat Bubble

The mental illness cost of lost productivity to the global economy by 2030.

20% Stat Bubble

Almost one-fifth of US-Americans are affected by mental illness.

600B Stat Bubble

The yearly cost of lost productivity in the EU due to mental illness (i.e. 4% of GDP).

90% Stat Bubble

% of people in Africa with mental illness that do not receive treatment.

Being mentally well is a right.

We nurture capital to nurture minds.