Nurturing capital to nurture minds.

Where capital makes mental wellness shine.

Masawa works with founders to increase leadership effectiveness, founder/team wellbeing, and social impact for increased financial and social returns.

The path to a thriving world starts in our minds. 

Our mental health is in crisis.

Now is the time to act.

We are more unwell, disconnected, and lonelier than ever before.

  • 1 out of 5 people globally will develop a mental health condition in the course of their lifetime, and millions more are struggling.

  • Loneliness, especially among young people, is rising.

  • In the EU alone, mental ill-health costs the economy €630 billion or 4.2% of GDP, exceeding the burden of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, and respiratory disease combined.

  • Businesses that don’t prioritize workplace mental wellness have higher turnover, absenteeism, and a less-engaged workforce. Funders and investors often overlook the risk of not screening for and de-risking the human factor in their investments. By not nurturing capital, they’re wasting capital.

  • Founders are 2x as likely to suffer from depression and 3x as likely to have substance abuse issues. The current investment paradigm sees founders not as human beings with human needs, but merely as resources to be used, resulting in burnout and business failure.

The impact mental ill-health has on our individual and collective potential is enormous. 

Let’s imagine a different reality, together. 

We imagine a thriving world.

Where everyone experiences flourishing mental wellness and reaches their unique potential.

We believe mental wellness and the potential it unlocks must be accessible to all. We work with founders increasing access to mental wellness and support them in creating healthy organizations where people can perform at their best. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has put mental health in the foreground: everyone has mental health. A rising number of startups revolutionizing mental healthcare are addressing a growing €300 billion market. The mental wellness revolution is happening now.

Flourishing mental wellness lies at the heart of a healthy and just society. It’s also essential for solving the multitude of social and environmental challenges we face today, including the climate crisis. We focus on inner transformation to catalyze systemic social change. 


Towards holistic finance.

Where health and wellbeing are at the heart.

Venture capital holds immense potential to catalyze social change, fast. Yet conventionally, much of its potential remains untapped. 

People problems cause almost 66% of startup failures. Through our Nurture Capital Approach focused on organizational health and founder wellbeing, we support founders in creating resilient and healthy workplaces where people thrive. We help set founders and their teams up for success as their business grows. 

Masawa works with purpose-driven founders that solve real-world problems and address real-world psychological needs. Our work in social impact ensures that the solutions we support are effective, grounded in sound scientific evidence, and developed for the greatest impact possible. This is human-centrism at work.     

A revolution needs a movement to succeed.

Partner with Masawa.

Humans need community to thrive. Community is what unites us and gives us hope. It’s what makes the impossible possible.  

We believe in the power of community and connection to realize transformative change. Whether you’re a founder, an investor, or a mental health nonprofit, let’s talk and create magic together. 

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