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Get ready for 90 minutes of radical honesty, awkward jokes, ridiculous challenges and a moderate amount of fun in Masawa’s first gameshow with five incredible contestants! It might not be the best gameshow you’ve ever seen (unless you don’t watch gameshows very often), but it will definitely leave you mentally refreshed and inspired to deal with whatever surprises the next year throws our way. We’ll see you there!

Putting the spotlight on the real winner: founder wellbeing

Do you know that founders are twice as likely to be diagnosed with depression than the general public? Or that 49% of entrepreneurs suffer from at least one mental health condition during their lifetimes?

The purpose of this event is to highlight the need for investment and commitment to founder wellbeing and organizational health. The pressure to keep up with the cut-throat competition is real and the culture of stigma makes it difficult, if not impossible, to speak up and seek support. But if the people of the organization aren’t well, they won’t be able to truly commit to maximizing impact and focusing on profits. A healthy organization is a foundation for executing a vision of meaningful change.

Knowing that, we commit to support the mental wellbeing of founders and their employees and help them build resilient and successful organizations. We consider practices and plans for people operations, workplace wellness, feedback, company culture, and aim to complement their efforts in these areas.

However, a real, lasting change can’t be achieved alone. That’s why we want to have this conversation with you and call for an integration of organizational health into all the workplaces – starting with the investment world. This gameshow is a fun way to direct attention towards a serious issue and a safe place where we can talk about things the way they are with gravity and humor (as we do). Collaboration, co-creation and transparency are fundamental for creating a meaningful social change – joining us in the event can be the first step.

1 boring host, 5 mediocre contestants, and YOU

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