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Impact Thinking for Social Progress – Part II

How systems thinking helps us find solutions to complex, real-world problems while avoiding unintended consequences In part one of this series, we expressed the need for a more inclusive and sustainable capitalism in order to cope with today’s wicked problems. We must start taking real ownership of the unanticipated side-effects that are continuing to take a heavy toll on the planet and its people. Solving one superficial problem while creating a myriad of others over time and generations is highly unsustainable. Let’s start thinking holistically about impact. This requires a new mental model that better appreciates the intricate interconnections between

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Impact Thinking for Social Progress – Part I

Impact Thinking for Social Progress – Part I How can we shift to a more inclusive and sustainable capitalism by thinking about impact first? Over the past decades, capitalism hasn’t particularly enjoyed a good reputation. But are the claims justified? As we’ll see, capitalism is at the source of many structural issues in today’s society. However, it also accelerated human progress by providing incentives for solving human problems.  But rather than turning our backs on the system, we can challenge some of the fundamental ideas that underpin modern-day capitalistic thinking. In this three-part series, we dive deeper into how we

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