Catalyzing Human Flourishing.

By nurturing capital - through the Masawa Impact Fund and Nurture Capital Advisory.

Nurture Capital Advisory

For your investment or grantee portfolio

Investors and funders that don’t nurture capital, are wasting capital. 

Mental ill-health and burnout in social change organizations and startups threaten their performance, social impact, and ultimately their survival. It also limits investors and funders ability to have positive impact on the world, as well as their ROI. We know this because companies with a healthy organizational culture deliver up to 3x the returns to shareholders as less healthy companies, and investing in impact yields higher returns 

Are you an investor and funder and want to promote the wellbeing of your investees and grantees, but don’t know where to start? Do you need guidance with impact measurement and maximization? Our Nurture Capital Advisory Service is made for you.

Nurture Capital is a unique investment approach created by Masawa. Central to Nurture Capital is the idea that when we support our investees and grantees in creating healthy organizational cultures conducive to human flourishing and help them maximize their social impact, we create a happier and healthier world and reduce write-offs and capital waste.

Nurture Capital, as a service, is for investors and funders of any kind, who wish to support their investees or grantees in creating healthy and resilient organizations that perform better, create outsized impact, and are set up for long-term success.

Nurture Capital is a smart choice, both from a humane and financial point of view. We know that most startups fail because of people problems, such as co-founder conflict. And among charity workers, for example, 80% experience heightened workplace stress; 42% believe job is not good for mental health, contributing to high turnover rates and medical costs.

Nurture Capital creates healthy organizational cultures where people love to work, perform at their best, and are supported in cultivating physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing — it provides a solution to the rising prevalence of burnout and mental health conditions in the workplace and leads to greater employee satisfaction and retention.

Nurture Capital also provides support in maximizing and measuring social impact. We co-create a Theory of Change, set realistic yet ambitious impact targets, and provide assistance in grounding products and services in sound scientific evidence or finding academic research partners — all tailored to the unique needs and wishes of the organizations we support. We are facilitators and co-creators of better futures.


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