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Masawa Hexframe

The Masawa Hexframe is our proprietary holistic framework that underpins all that we do – be it investing or advising. By focusing on the humans first, assessing the internal potential (org health) and the external potential (social impact), we’re able to pinpoint and strengthen elements that lead to better financial and social outcomes, while minimizing failures.

Impact Investing

Masawa invests in early stage visionary founders in Europe with audacious goals for radically improving mental wellness. We then accompany them on their journey via a Nurture Capital approach to maximize social impact, founder wellbeing, and organizational health, for increased financial and social return. 

We value what matters, and what matters we measure. Together with investees, we co-create social and organizational health impact targets that hold us accountable for the impact we set out to create. 

Although our investment areas are broad, founders must meet the following four criteria:

Nurture Capital Advisory

For your investment or grantee portfolio

Nurture Capital focuses on maximizing two complementary dimensions of impact: social impact and organizational health.

Healthy organizations, centered around founder wellbeing and competencies, team wellbeing, and organizational resilience, drive transformative change. We support companies in both domains through a bespoke Nurture Capital Plan and resources that can include personal and team development, tailored advisory services, and a unique cohort approach.

Through our hands-on Nurture Capital Impact Support, we work closely with founders to develop a Theory of Change and Impact Plan which specifies what and how impact will be measured, and identifies what data is needed to drive management decisions. 

Our Nurture Capital approach doesn’t only speak to the core of our values, it’s also smart business. People problems, including founder burnout, is one of the major determining factors of startup failure. In contrast, companies with a healthy organizational culture deliver up to 3x the returns to shareholders as less healthy companies, and investing in impact yields higher returns

Investors that ignore the human factor in their investments ignore a huge risk.

Healthy organizations nurture and attract talent, are more resilient and adaptive to change, and create more social impact and financial value. Find out how we can improve the health of your portfolio. 

Download our Nurture Capital Thought Starter to learn more. 

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